The best setting and holding boat anchor!


Sea Gear Supplies Ltd. Is proud to have become the UK importer for the Mantus Anchor.

Over the last decade the Mantus Anchor has taken the sailing world by storm. Tests performed by Sail, PMY, Practical Sailor and Cruising World magazines have proved the Mantus Anchor to set faster, more reliably and securely than any other boat anchor on the market.

The Mantus Anchor disassembles for stowage making it an excellent choice as both a general purpose and a storm anchor.

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Why Choose Mantus Anchors?

why-choose-mantusSupreme performance: Over the last decade, the Mantus Anchor has been proven to dig in better than any other boat anchor and to set with unbeatable holding power. In tests the Mantus set quicker and deeper than any other anchor tested including the Rocna, Fortress, CQR, Bruce, Manson Supreme and Danforth. Time and time again, testimonials have borne out the Mantus’ performance in the most testing of conditions.

Easy stowage: The Mantus Anchor break down for easy storage so, regardless of the size of your boat, you can store one or two more as spares for added peace of mind.

Incredibly strong: Built to take the strain: Mantus is incredibly over-engineered for its purpose and is built to last.

No cast parts. Entirely formed out of high strength steel plate (shanks are HT ASTM 514 steel and flukes are a mild steel of A36 equivalence)

The shank and its boot are welded top to bottom.

The shank and roll bar are bolted to the fluke with four bolts each of which has greater strength than the rating of the anchor chain.

Every component is hot dipped galvanised for lasting corrosion protection – stainless steel versions are available to special order.

The nose is machined to a perfect chisel shape to quickly set and penetrate all but the rockiest bottom types fast and deep.

Lifetime warranty: Sea Gear Supplies Ltd. and Mantus have total faith in the Mantus Anchor and supporting accessories.


“This anchor does one thing and that is dig. You set it out one time and that’s it no more picking up and resetting because it didn’t hold. No more throwing the anchor out and skipping across the bottom for 50 yards before it grabs and now your way past the area you wanted to fish. Just drop it down in the water and start fishing.”

Daniel McLain

“Excellent anchor. I previously had the recommended sized Fortress anchor on my 50 Hatteras which worked find in calm weather, but sucked in winds above 20 knots. My Mantus anchor sets and holds much faster/better in harsh conditions. Worth every penny.”

Michael E. Jones

“Absolutely phenomenal anchor. Compared to the Bruce claw and spade I used previously, this anchor is magic on all counts: initial set, hold, reset, recovery. I don’t anchor for extended periods of time, but for my use it performs incredibly and has allowed me to be a far less stressed and far happier boater. Sets very quickly, so no resetting boat position several times before nailing my spot. Again, hold and recover are excellent. Really has made my boating experience much better than it was pre Mantus.

Update 2016: tons of use on this anchor. It is simply amazing. My wife and I are still floored by its responsiveness and hold. Did tons of research before buying this giving me a high expectation, but this anchor has and continues to exceed all expectations on a regular basis.”


“This is a great anchor, I use it almost everyday, as I’m sailing around the Caribbean for the winter. It sets well every time. I often see other boats dragging their anchors (deltas) and I have no problems. I’ve experienced many squalls with 45knot gust.

It’s a great piece of mind.”


“Works every time!! Throw it in the water, back up and 10 feet later your done . The video on youtube is true!

Very glad I bought it!”


“Best Anchor out there. Had a Fluke Style anchor before and would drag all over the place, it would take a lot to hook. Then I purchased the Mantus 35lb for my 26′ cruiser and it’s perfect. I know it’s a bit overkill with a 35lb but I wanted a storm anchor. Wherever you drop it it stays. Hooks instantly in hard sand, takes wind and waves without any drifting. Also my 700 windlass pulls it up with no problems.”


“Easy to assemble. Sets immediately upon tension being applied to the rode after anchor deployment and I mean “immediately.” On my boat, I sleep better at night knowing that I have the 45 Lbs version deployed with a 7:1 scope.”


“The anchor sets quickly and holds, yet it breaks out pretty easily when you pull straight up on it to haul it back aboard.”


“My first trip out with this anchor on my boat and what a crazy experience. 20 mph winds gust to 26 mph 4′ chop white caps, and this anchor held solid and never let go in this extreme weather. Blown away by the anchor holding solid and never slipping. Recommend this anchor for your application you will not be disappointed.”

Jamie McCraw

“Our boat came with a danforth style anchor and no matter what we tried the anchor would not stay set. Plenty of rode, plenty of scope, and we still had to re-set several times throughout the boating day. Unfortunately, we bought our Mantus late in the boating season and only have had a few opportunities to use it, but when we did, it worked GREAT. It set immediately and held tight with some gusty winds in the Chesapeake mud/sand. I also really like that it can be broken down quickly and stored flat, saving space. We are looking forward to next year and really putting it to the test (why I gave 4 stars instead of 5) but so far we are confident it won’t be breaking loose as our “old style” anchor otherwise would.”


“Best Anchor ever!!

This anchor does a great job in many type of soil!!! I can finaly sleep!!!

Love it!”


“I have recently purchased and used the Mantus anchor. I have the 13# model and the 8# model. Each anchor arrived promptly in a simple wood crate. Build quality is immediately seen as superior with a really heavy dipped galvanized finish. No flow coat galvanizing nonsense with Mantus.

The anchor is designed for fast assembly and disassembly, if space constraint is an issue. The bottom penetration and holding effectiveness of the Mantus design has to be experienced to be appreciated. IMO, it is superior to any other claw or Danforth design I have had in decades of boating. A hole is provided for an anchor trip line if needed. Recommended.”

Lawrence A Team



Mantus Anchor Dimensions (inches)
8 lbs 12.0 15.2 13.0 18.6 6.6 7.7
13 lbs 14.6 18.5 15.9 22.7 8.0 9.4
25 lbs 17.4 22.1 19 27.1 9.5 11.2
35 lbs 19.4 24.6 21.1 30.1 10.6 12.5
45 lbs 21.8 27.6 23.7 33.8 11.9 14.0
55 lbs 23.3 29.6 25.4 36.2 12.7 15.0
65 lbs 24.8 31.5 27.0 38.6 13.6 16.0
85 lbs 26.4 33.4 28.7 40.9 14.4 17.0
105 lbs 28.6 36.2 31.1 44.3 15.6 18.4
125 lbs 30.7 39.0 33.4 47.7 16.8 19.8
175 lbs 34.9 44.2 37.90 54.1 19.1 22.5
Mantus Anchor dimensions (mm)
3.6 kgs 305 386 331 472 166 196
5.9 kgs 371 470 403 576 203 239
11.4 kgs 443 562 482 687 242 285
15.9 kgs 493 625 536 765 269 318
20.5 kgs 554 702 602 859 303 357
25 kgs 592 751 644 919 324 382
29.5 kgs 631 800 686 979 345 407
38.6 kgs 670 850 729 1039 366 432
47.7 kgs 725 920 789 1125 396 467
56.8 kgs 781 990 849 1211 427 503
79.5 kgs 886 1123 963 1374 484 571
Anchor Sizing

When specifying anchor sizing Mantus Anchors chose to be conservative. Their sizing recommendations are based on the needs of a cruising boat which spends much of its life at anchor. The assumptions used are of a sustained 40kt wind combined with poor holding conditions (bottoms of low viscosity). This is in contrast to the sizing tables provided by some of Mantus’ competitors who typically claim that their smaller anchor will outperform a larger equivalent in their competitor’s range. This often results in their recommending a dangerously small anchor. One useful comparison of holding capability is surface area. Mantus’ recommendations take into account three user provided criteria with the usages divided into three categories. A Lunch Anchor is for lighter use in winds under 25 knots, the Working Anchor for winds below 40 knots and the Storm Anchor for winds up to 60 knots. The assumption is always the worst case scenario – a low viscosity, poor holding bottom.


Use the following guide to determine what size of anchor to use:

The weight of your boat is less than:
The length of your boat is:
Select how you will be using your anchor:

Your Results:

The recommended anchor weight for your boat is:
Warranty & Returns Policy

Sea Gear Supplies Ltd. stands by Mantus’ lifetime warranty on all of its products and components against damage and manufacturing defects. This is a genuine LIFETIME guarantee and if you are dissatisfied with any Mantus product at any time we will give you a replacement or refund. With the anchors we will give you a replacement part – for example a roll-bar, fluke or shank. The only thing we will not normally replace is the bridle line which will slowly degrade in normal use as would any other bridle line. Anything beyond normal wear-and-tear is covered by Mantus’ lifetime warranty.

Assembly Instructions

Bolts, Washers and Nuts are provided with every Mantus Anchor. In the event of replacing a lost fastener, please make sure to always use proper size. Always use locking washers, or nylon lock nuts, and tighten the nut securely.

Click here to download a printable pdf of the assembly instructions.

Anchor Size Bolt sizes Number of Bolts
Mantus 8 lbs 1/4 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 13 lbs 3/8 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 17 lbs 3/8 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 25lbs 3/8 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 35 lbs 1/2 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 45 lbs 1/2 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 55 lbs 5/8 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 65 lbs 5/8 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 85 lbs 5/8 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 105 lbs 3/4 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 125 lbs 3/4 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 155lbs  3/4 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers
Mantus 175 lbs 3/4 6 bolts, nuts, lock washers